Time zones

Atlantic Time (AT) in New Brunswick is one hour ahead of Eastern Time (ET) in Maine: 1 pm (AT) = 12 noon (ET). Please keep this in mind when you travel.

Cell phones

Cell phones may incur roaming charges if a time zone difference is detected; also, international charges may be incurred in border regions.

International purchases

Obtain a receipt for the artwork you are purchasing. Artwork/crafts purchased by U.S. citizens in Canada and brought back into the U.S. (and not intended for resale) are duty-free. For Canadian citizens coming into the U.S. with Canadian-purchased artwork, stop at Canadian Customs and pick up a form so the purchases will not be subject to tax when you return. Artwork purchased by Canadian citizens in the U.S. and brought back into Canada is subject to Canadian HST or GST tax.

Border crossings

Travel between the U.S. and Canada by car at the border crossings in Calais/St. Stephen and Lubec/Campobello, and by ferry (Eastport/Deer Island) requires the following documents:

For U.S. citizens: passports or passport cards are required for all cross-border travel

For Canadian citizens: one of the following is required: a passport, a NEXUS card, a Free and Secure Trade (FAST) card or an enhanced driver’s license (EDL) or enhanced identification card (EIC) from a province where a U.S.-approved EDL/EIC program has been implemented, or a Secure Certificate of Indian Status.

For additional information contact:

U.S. Customs in Calais: (207) 454-3621

U.S. Department of State:

Canadian Custom in St. Stephen: (506) 465-2100

Canadian Border Services Agency: