CulturePass is your window into the artistic and cultural richness of the greater international Passamaquoddy region including Cobscook and Passamaquoddy Bays and the St. Croix River.




Eastport Tree Walk – TWIG

Peavey Memorial Library 26 Water St, Eastport

This is a 3/4 mile walk in Eastport starting at Peavey Memorial Library.

Come and see the trees that were planted by the British and hear some history of the Camperdown Elm. Come and explore our precious environment, what is good, what is bad! We will learn how to identify certain species you may have in your yard. Start time is 9 am and it will take around two hours. We will be limiting to 9 people. Cost: Eastport residents are free, all others $12. If you plan on going, please email 


Photography 101: Remove the Fear, Get Off Auto – Part 1 with Robert Fisher

Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre 139 Water Street, ST. Andrews

Have you ever wondered what the T, S, A, or M modes on your camera are? Have you been reluctant to try them because you’re not sure how they work? Do you want to improve your overall photography chops and show off your great pictures to friends and family? If you answered Yes to any of those questions, this course over 5 Saturdays is for you!


Art Exhibit: Reflections

Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre 139 Water Street, ST. Andrews

Reflections is a show with ten abstract paintings made with Mexico’s cochineal dye and oil paint. This body of work aims to communicate the visual sensation of a space in a geometric composition which reflect the identity of the space. Fabiola Martinez is inspired by the old architectural structures around the world and recreates the mist of the Saint John Harbour for atmosphere.


Art Exhibit: Junctures

Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre 139 Water Street, ST. Andrews

A wood worker, a ceramist, a basket maker and a paper weaver have worked together to each produce four new pieces as well as four collaborative pieces for their show, Junctures. All of the work is in 3D finely crafted of clay, wood, plant fibre and paper.


24hr Wilderness Basic Survival Course

Lepreau, New Brunswick Lepreau

This course will cover the essentials of Basic survival if ever lost or stranded in the outdoors, for a few hours or days. You will be taught Survival Mentality, how to make a plan of action, shelter, fire, how to find and make water safe to drink, as well as signalling for help and rescue.


Rebellion: an Exhibit at the Eastport Gallery

The Eastport Gallery will host a new selection of artworks for the month of September as well as its final theme show, Rebellion, starting the second weekend of the month.

The gallery is located at 109 Water Street in the heart of Eastport's historic downtown, and is open Friday-Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the wearing of masks and other CDC guidelines in place.


Talkin’ ‘bout the Arts on WSHD 93.3 FM

WSHD 93.3 Eastport

Talkin’ ‘bout the Arts celebrates the Eastport Gallery’s 35th Anniversary with literary talks, art talks and pop-up concerts. Broadcast on Saturdays 12-1pm and Tuesdays 12-1pm on WSHD 93.3 fm.